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Bc. Ondřej Mucha


tel.: +420 776 680 154





„Evening Paper of Prostějov“ (December 2012)


Extraordinary experience from Christmas concert

„Stars of Christmas concert, organist Ondřej Mucha and soprano Magdalena Vlasáková, literally impressed by their performance…
In the church of St. John of Nepomuk got together fans of classical music, who came to enjoy the festive atmosphere connected with exceptional interior of the church and compositions of such music giants as were and still are Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and others… Performance of all these compositions masterly handled organist Ondřej Mucha together with soprano Magdalena Vlasáková.“





„News of Prostějov“ (27/03 2012)

Concerts of sacred music will make pleasant the time of Easter feasts

„The master of organ Ondřej Mucha has prepared for the time of Easter two concerts, which will please not only fans of organ and sacred music. To the programme he chose masterpieces of the Czech and world organ compositions…
…To his organ recital Ondřej Mucha chose works of e.g. D. Buxtehude, J. S. Bach, J. Brahms, L. Janáček, B. Martinů, L. Sluka…“




„Prostějov Daily“ (30/11 2010)

Advent set off the avalanche of concerts this year. You may choose.

„… On Saturday the priest from parish in Protivanov sanctified the newly repaired organ. Ideal opportunity was given to him by the first of four Advent concerts…
… Audience was watching performance of the young virtuoso Ondřej Mucha from Prostějov on the large-area screen. 952 of pipes were sounded by his performance with the most important organ compositions belong to period since baroque until 21st century…“






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